12 October 2015

SURPRISE, IM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Assalamualaikum and hello everyoneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,
Surprise enough to read from me againnnn? ahahaha 
I swearrrr it has been awhile since my last update, like what? 2-3 years ago-time do flies so fast sheesh.
I dunno, i was very busy back then doing IB-so its legit tinggalkan dunia blog for 2 years plus minus. During that hellish (literally) 2 year, i wasnt able to find any time to update the blog and so it was abandoned, i so zorryy. but hey.. altleast i tak delete blog ni in which i found to be very valuable to do so, this blog has been my whole life.
I still cant believe how fast 2 years has passed and now that Im back! with a lil change, well actually quite alot of changes i think. 
for those who followed me from the very beginning of this blog shud have realised ive changed my URL, my blog's name too ehehe. ive deleted some of those goofy posts in the past, mcm tak caya je aku yang tulis dulu tu hahhahaha
nevertheless, im still the old bubbly mya, dont worry!

Banyak sangat perubahan after these 2 years, i am now in a new place too! 
with a different surrounding and different people and different atmosphere.
think most of u guys already know that I am now pursuing my studies in the UK, Great Britain.
Im studying at University of Manchester.
Alhamdulillah things are sooo great so far despite the unpredictable weather haih.
but i'll update later on that, promise!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So this is actually just a quick update.
And perhaps heres a gift of mah selfie here in chilly manchester just incase anyone misses me awwh

Have a splendid week ahead guys!

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