23 December 2015

A Scottish Winter Time!!!!!!!

Hello hello lovelies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hoo's it gaun?. A'm daein fine, whit aboot yersel, surviving cold harsh winter while harvesting my lemak lemak so that i wont be as cold. ha ha ha
well i just got back from jeng jeng jenggggggggggggggggg

The land wazzzzzzzzzzzzz magicall, *i wish to go back to Edinburgh now :'(
There were 6 of us altogether, well I forgot how we got the idea to go to Scotland but we were there initially to go skiing! Then the funny thing was..........the snow melted (due to a sudden heatwave) and yeah sadly we didnt managed to go one and got fully refunded *pheww. We were all felt very much dissapointed sebab the news got us about a day before we departed for scotland so theres nothing we can do (like change plans ke ape or go anywhere else) so we just went there and see if theres anytg else to offer.

And...........it turned out well, not that bad as we expected it to be. My journey starts the both of me and Rafie from Manchester, Jasmine and her sister from Newcastle and Amal from York. and we met each other at Aviemore, the place where we initially planned to meet up for the ski activity. 

I arrived there by bus around 11am ish? and have to ridiculously jalan kaki about 5 km to our accomodation wtf. *Yg bengong gila is when we found out that there is actually a shortcut tak sampai 1km pun hahahah dah la barang banyak time tu adoi XD

The small cottage is so lovely! It fits everyone so perfectly. There is a huge kitchen, a living room. 2 bedrooms anda  spacious bathroom and a powder room. The nice thing is that it is only about £160.00 so it is only around £26 per person. a very great deal indeed

Lovely isnt it? well thank you for that it helped us to survive our disappointment of not getting to ski huhh. Kind of funny sebab i was expecting the whole area to be covered with snow and it poofed out all in a sudden when we were about to go there lol. *The snow might have holding grudges to any one us, we suspect it would be jasmine ha ha ha sbb dia hot sgt

Soo later when everyone has arrived, we went to go grocery shopping for dinner at the town nearer. And cooked dinner not so fancy just sup telur je and mushroom soup *wow went for a vegan diet heh because there is no halal meat shop there sigh. but it was good enough since we were more excited to have each others company. 

Amal, Jasmine and me!

And the next morningg, we decided to go for a visit at the Reindeer Centre!! we caught a bus *nasib baik sempat i literally lari like org gila to catch the bus and i was the last, the struggle of being the one who are the least fit and most gemuk >.> But then we arrived too early the centre tak bukak lagi ha haha  tula beria sgt. and have to wait for about 45 minutes lol

So yeah heres me pishang waiting for the centre to open hahaha 

Once the centre has opened, suddenly a flood of people datang i dont realised where they came from hahaha  *from what i know is that all the people that are supposed to ski  that day has also been refunded so thats why people decided to influx the reindeer centre. senasib la kita 

In order for us to go to the reindeer farm, we need to hike abit uphill. the landscape was so pretty and the wind ya Allah ganas betul hahaha da la pakai shawl licin, seksa betul kat atas tu. There were a herd of reindeers of all sort of colours and sizes. Ive never seen one bfore and very much aware if  were to given some group of reindeers, mooses, or deers.. i wont know how to differentiate them. ha ha ha so by visiting the centre, i learn alot for example like......did you know the only animals that have antlers for both male and female is reindeersss  

and and!!! did you know that reindeers, when they walk they can produce this clicking sound when they walk so that they can track each other during windy and cold weather where they cant see each other?? yeahh that are some the fun facts that i learned.

 now that i have a herd of reindeers with me, can i fly with u mr santa :P

what is this mamat tryna do ha ha ha

bye bye reindeers!!!

And so shortly after we got out from the centre, we decided to hike back to our cottage which...is a bad bad idea hahahaha. 5miles u see??? acah mcm tak jauh je sekali tak smpai setengah jalan terus naik bas hahahahah adoi

Oh and theres Mukriz who shortly joined us. he was supposed to arrived earlier the night but he missed his train so yeah.. 

we stumbled upon a loch called Loch Morlich on the way back home, and it was nice to be able to see such scenery, with a snowy topped mountain in the background, SubhanAllahh 

After dinner, we went for some card games, i think this might be the highlight of our trip! hahaha, we went for UNO card game, and Cards Agaist Humanity *god knows how much disturbing the card game was lol................

So the next morning we checked out, and caught a train to Edinburgh. Amal and Mukriz couldnt join us because i dont know Amal decided to start her revision early and so this was the last picture we had together. 

We arrived in Edinburgh at late evening, and after we have checked in our hostel *the hostel is good and affordable, check out Budget Backpackers if you guys are interested, we realised that it is still abit early so we decided to have a stroll up the Arthur's Seat. 

The view was amazing up there!! Dah la nak dekat sun dawn kan so we managed to catch the sunset and it was beautifulllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll. Inspite having so windy weather, we were so stubborn nak naik atas. da la windy nak mampus, dah gelap pulak tu, degil jugak nak naik hahahaha. THE WIND UP THERE IS NO JOKING, KIDS PLEASE DONT TRY THIS AT HOME HAHAHA.

Dia punya windy tu sampai nak ambik gambar pun takleh. hahah this picture is the best i think hahaha. Thank you three of you, despite me being skinny and could easily be blown away by the monsterous wind, thank you for sticking with me and making sure that my foot is still on the ground  

Shortly after we set our food on the /actual/ ground, we went to have our dinner at a halal restaurant *i forgot what the name was but it was good to fill our empty stomach. After being filled, we went to the city and go to the Winter Wonderland which is to my knowledge, it is an annual event every winter in Edinburgh

Me and Miminn

Me and budak busuk

The next day was even better!!

What i love most about Edinburgh is that the feeling that you get as if you are inside a fairy tale. the city is so magical and feel so homely, you will never get boring of it.  

We went to Calton Hill beyond the east side of the city. The entrance is free unless if you wanna go inside the  Nelson tower then you have to pay a certain amount. 
National Monument on the right and Nelson's Monument of the left in one picture *thank you to Gopro 

Just me and my chubby cheek infront of the monument. 

Three of us, thank you kak Sheila for capturing this. The funny thing about the monument is that it is far from finish. There are however subsequent attempts to 'complete' it and there are many proposal to finish it but it have never borne fruit for reasons of either cost or lack of local enthusiasm, so it was left just like that.........and ironically, it is now one of the main attraction in Edinburgh....and i really dont see why lack of local enthusiasm is one of the reason. hmm

Nelson's Monument and the city *and if you can see a bit of Arthur's Seat there.

After that we stroll down the city and head to Edinburgh Castle. The weather was not that good but shortly after we arrived there the rain stopped and rainbow started to appear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was crazy prettttaih

Taraa *shedding tears 

The entrance ticket is about £16 per person for the whole day and it is worth it i tell you because there were a lot of halls and rooms that you can enter, since the castle is sooo insanely big and there were so many sections from their royalties, to guards and maidens and prisoners :D

The whole rainbow i managed to capture above the city.

This mamat is so proud to found his name tattooed on the wall claiming its his castle.............lol *rolling eyes . finela if its yours than im the queen so yeah bow to me people :P

That is all for the day.. we caught the sunset haiz why so luvly.

On our last day..........

We went cycling around the whole city!! It is one of my travelling goals- is that to have a cycle around their city. it is the most practical way to wander and discover the city u know. since naik bas is not that fun and jalan kaki you would be penat and not fun also, cycling is a different thing..

We managed to catch on video- we did it in time lapse mode but i dont know why the video is so highly resolutioned it cant be uploaded. If i managed to do something about it, i will upload it later okay..

We went to Edinburgh Camera Obscura located just infront of the castle,The place was found by an instrument maker called Thomas Short. he built a thing called ‘Great Telescope’ that nowadays it is called Camera Obscura. We were being placed in a dark room and there was a big round table at the centre. When the demonstrator open something on the ceiling the table suddenly being projected by the image of the whole city *it is so weird i know but there is something to do with physics i dont wanna know cause i hate it, i just want the fun of it :P

yeah like that.. it was amazing and somewhat disturbing..........because to know that there is actually someone eyeing on you and spying on you..........and can look thru ur window from afar oh god

After the demonstration, we went for other exhibitions. the whole thing is six floored so there were tonnes of other exhibitions like illusions, puzzles, mazes, stuffs, its a must visit place if u like that kind of stuffs. *who doesnt ey?

Our last night, we spend it by joining a ghost tour! hahaha tak de kerja. 
It was unplanned because we suddenly saw the booth there and decided to join it since we have not much to do..  The story-teller brought us for a walk around the city and tell us haunted and disturbing stories along the way and the places where it happened. 

I forgot some of the stories however hahaha because im so nyanyuk and nenek so what. but what i can remember is that it is so eerie that i kind odf tutup mata and wudnt want to focus becuase im so scared it wud haunt me at night hahaha adoi. 

Here's the guy. I seriously thought he was somekind of vampire or something with his robe like that and his chalky white face...........hardly human

And the last stop were we were brought inside an old vault underground. it is told that there a series of chambers along the nineteen arches of South Bridge, but is now almost entirely enclosed by buildings on both sides. Below deck level are many buildings and vaults. 

These vault is built in the late 1780s , i dont actually remember why it was built but im pretty sure that it is due to possible spaces that can be used for some purposes. the bridge itself initially was being 'cursed' by a woman who have somthing to do with the bridge owner. she passed away several days before the grand opening of the bridge. 

As time passed by, the spaces under the bridges sold like goreng pisang panas and to maximise things further, spaces like vaults where there are no proper air ventilation were also being sold at premium prices and the whole thing started to be illegal. without legal trade and licensed businesses, the dark, damp wet vaults started to become home to only the very poorest and most disreputable sections of society haizzzzzzzzzzzzzz 

And so with lack of light, air, heat, ventilation and sanitation and a slow, steady seepage of water through the cracks in the bridge made these areas not only impractical, but uninhabitable and within 30 years of the bridge opening, the abandonment of the Vaults was more or less complete,that is where haunted and unexplainable things come to story.....................

Haish.. i dah la tenga tengah malam ni, naik bulu roma menaip. hahahah. I dont remeber capturing photos of any of those vaults hahaha coz im afraid i might capture any paranormal stuffs by the background hahahha silly me.
but i slept nyenyak that night and nothing followed me ke ape thank god. 

And the next day, we had our last stroll and catch a bus back to manchester, happily but sadly..
It was a nice trip and a memorable one for sure! and im counting days to be able to visit Edinburgh once again. Im in love with the city <3 p="">

Till then lovelies, got to have some sleep now,
take care!