13 June 2013

The start of something new.

Assalamualaikum hihi.
Its been a while since the last update from me. Goshh. dont know why this laziness keep hitting me over and over.
Or maybe the passion in blogging is no longer in my blood. Okay Im kidding. Yup.
Sebenarnya aku ada blog lain. eheehe tapi private laa. and I made it for myself as a diary ofcourse.
So bila da tulis dalam tu tiap tiap hari,
then this blog was abandoned and ignored. Awh Im sorry dear bloggie. hihi

Okay my latest tidings..hmm let me think of one..
haa! holiday ofcouse. haaha . well macam sumorang tau, aku sekarang duk menunggu nak masuk KMB.
based on the online status, aku kena register 2nd of July.
baaahaaha serius lame weh. orang lain semua da masuk kolej aku still tercangok kat rumah -.-

disebabkan itu... abah pun rancang la satu vacation trip.. ke Sabah. hooray ! haaha
aku malas la nak wat review pepanjang. letak gambar je boleh? 

okay this is one of my picture on the first day at Sabah. we went to Kinabalu Park where is located at Poring and this cute little waterfall is called Kipungit Waterfall.

this one is the picture of me at one of the popular island at Kota Kinabalu, Sapi Island. We went there on our second day of vacation and it was splendid! the water is just crystal clear and blue, you can even see your own feet at the bottom of the seabed. Imagine it! 
Each of us was given a life jacket and also a snorkeler as well.

 Le family :*

Gudbye Kota Kinabalu. We'll miss you :'(

heehe those 3days and 3nights of vacation was awesome!]
*except for the last part where our plain was diverted to Senai International Airport due to the bad weather at KLIA.
haaaha takpelaa pengalaman kann.. hmm hmm..  eh eh mama beli ayam la
okay aku nak g makan. nak ikut? meh datang rumah. haaha bye sumorang