28 October 2015

Here we go again

Hello people.
well im good here, thank god i survived the crazy winter weather 
That is kind of the reason why you dont see me updating............ because it is so cold here my fingers got frozen and i cant type *pelempang hinggap satu
I really wish i can get back my blogging hype like how i used to :'(

Sooooooooooooooooooooooo.. how is my life getting on.
It's been good really well but nothing much.
And i do promise a post about my daily life here in Manchester is it?
Maybe I could make up to the promise here in this post. Maybe....
Okay then since it 3:21pm here and I have nothing much today really, 
I could actually share it here.

Lets start about my room tour here! *not really a tour but merely a pic would do can ah?

taraa. its lovely isnt it? ahh thank you for my rajinness to decorate and the urge to have something lovely to breathe in

i mean, yeah since i have not much of a commitment here and since i actually have a thing about internal deco, not trying to brag or something but how your room looks like actually tell what kind of person you really are. and and, since my bilik is a place where i spend most of my time here, i want it to suit me well and have an inner connection with me to make feel at home.
The cost is not that much really! I buy most of the things like bantal and cadar and duvet cover and lamps and vases semua dekat retailer murah and carboot sale where you can get them at a very insanely cheap prices. 

Talking about prices................. lets talk about rent and utilities here, well this is getting boring hmm.
I am staying with my mates of 5 person!! All from Malaysia and we know each other from KMB so there is no acka-awkward-let-me-inroduce-myself session at the beginning hehe thank god. we decided to stay together the five of us since we are the only girls from KMB coming here to Manchester. 

Here is a luvly picture of all of us. Floral tudung Z, me, Raihan, Malissa, and lastly Hidayah.  This picture was taken the first night we arrived!!! HAHAHAH look what we have gotten ourselves into..................nasi arabb yeah like seriusly after long haul of flight, thats the only thing we are looking forward to. was expecting other kind of dinner ye know like fish acnd ships or baked beans and toast but apparently manchester is known for this, but more on that later okay!! city trip soon but stay tunee!!

Okay back to the story, we rent the whole house for £1300.00 with 5 bedrooms. We separate it by size, I got the biggest one so I have to pay more. Mine is currently £270.00. It is tad bit cheap I think if you are to rent anywhere else, it would be a bit more expensive, and looking at the location, the place is good enough. But unfortunately it does not inclusive with rents so roughly I spend about £310.00 to cross out utilities bills together with the rent, but still, good enough. 

Lets see the neighborhood!
I am staying just at the edge of Oxford Road, where along the road is where the main campus are. Senang je kalau nak datang Manchester ni, if you are lost or somthing, just try to search for Oxford Road and insyaAllah you are back on track hahaha.

This is my faculty where it is located in the main campus. 
My house is about 10-15 minutes walk from the main campus where my class usually held at. I dengan my coursemate *shes also my housemate and we call her Z **dont pronouce it as 'Zee' she hates that, its 'zack', kitorang initially eagerly walk to class every morning, but then when winter approach, it was hell. *do you get my joke?? winter and hell lol nvm. then that I decided to purchase a buss pas. £200 for the whole term time, it is a must have thing if you are staying here! 

What I like about the neighbourhood is that it is has literally everything that you need. Halal supermarkets, drugstore, various halal restaurants, atm machines, a park, everything! And............my most favourite thing, THE FAMOUS CURRY MILE is literally 2 minutes walk from my place hah!

The curry mile where you can get literally dozens of halal restaurants, from Indian, western to middle east cuisine, you just get your tummy and money ready. the only downside to this is that my money is always lost due to overspending of makan luar everyday because you malas masak and the restaurants is a lot. sigh but anything for food, i will die for them. 

Okay la, I want to solat now, cant wait to write very soon!! 
Stay tuneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee lovelies
Take care!

12 October 2015

SURPRISE, IM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Assalamualaikum and hello everyoneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,
Surprise enough to read from me againnnn? ahahaha 
I swearrrr it has been awhile since my last update, like what? 2-3 years ago-time do flies so fast sheesh.
I dunno, i was very busy back then doing IB-so its legit tinggalkan dunia blog for 2 years plus minus. During that hellish (literally) 2 year, i wasnt able to find any time to update the blog and so it was abandoned, i so zorryy. but hey.. altleast i tak delete blog ni in which i found to be very valuable to do so, this blog has been my whole life.
I still cant believe how fast 2 years has passed and now that Im back! with a lil change, well actually quite alot of changes i think. 
for those who followed me from the very beginning of this blog shud have realised ive changed my URL, my blog's name too ehehe. ive deleted some of those goofy posts in the past, mcm tak caya je aku yang tulis dulu tu hahhahaha
nevertheless, im still the old bubbly mya, dont worry!

Banyak sangat perubahan after these 2 years, i am now in a new place too! 
with a different surrounding and different people and different atmosphere.
think most of u guys already know that I am now pursuing my studies in the UK, Great Britain.
Im studying at University of Manchester.
Alhamdulillah things are sooo great so far despite the unpredictable weather haih.
but i'll update later on that, promise!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So this is actually just a quick update.
And perhaps heres a gift of mah selfie here in chilly manchester just incase anyone misses me awwh

Have a splendid week ahead guys!