21 January 2018


In the midst of exam but instead of exam here i am visiting my dusty yet about-to-die blog. i missed writing, what should i write about?

my last writing was like...............almost 2 years ago HAHAHHAHA sorry :(((((?? its not like im busy or anything..im justt....not up for writing anymore, blogging seems.,,,,,,,,,,,,,idk? soo 2012 😂
so heres my update...for the past 2 years ive been travelling alot. Went to Denmark sometime after my last post hahaha. Paris also Istanbul!!!during summer '16. some other places tak ingat ive to open up my photo album maybe...then went to France and German during Easter Break '17. I went to Italy, Budapest, Bratislava, Vienna, Prague during winter 17.Went to some places in UK itself,up north through west and south, lets pray i will be rajin enough to write about em later hehe.

many things happened thats just so much to tell, i wish i have the gigihness to write about all of them.  like ive finally got the best man a girl could asked for in 2015, met lots of incredible new people as well as celebrating and counting years  to old ones back at home...shedding tears to lots of disappointment, failure and.......regret.

these two years have been..a lot (i dont even have nicer word for it). but im so grateful for it. it has taught me a lot and seeing me myself grow up to be who am i today, i wouldnt want it any other way.

........while its 21 days past 2018, i dont wanna be that new year, new me kind of person hahahhaha coz it has never work. 😅😅 but i do have some resolutions i kept to myself. lets just pray ill succeed to any one of them or better, all of them.
goodluck, dear self 💖

and ofcourse goodluck for your exam too, next paper in two days............

20 March 2016

The joy of paintball

Helloo againn
So today i played paintball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was exhilirating and fun and most importantly so tiring that whole body aches resulted from playing that thing *making annoying grumpy face 

So we went there 10 of us, the whole team. the things was located at Eccles, far west from the city and we reached there by Uber since we have to get there early in the morning and there is no bus since it is Sunday. The site is very much in a rural area a bit in the woods so u kinda need a proper personal transportation to get there 

There were about 6 sessions altogether and you just have to pay about £6 (£1 the game + £5 for body armour and palletes) *zooooooooo cheap i know riteee yeah because its on 95% discount, just imagine its full price, even me not willing to pay that much of money hahahah
so we decided to take the opportunity before it lasted, it wass indeedd a great deal !

the whole thing started at around 11am and we are sorted into groups. Me and Rafie was in the white team together with raihan, z and acap!! while others were in the orange team. 

The first game was 'Zombies' Crypt' where one team acted as zombie and the other as humans. Zombies team has unlimited life where they can be resurrected after each time they got shot while humans only have one life. Both teams take turns to be both sides zombies and humans. The first combat we were assigned to be zombies and won the combat but lost to them when they become the zombies on the second combat. While me being a coward human who duduk behind trees the whole time, got shot by a pathetic zombie who sorok sorok shot me from the side *curses my body lebam because of you lol

The second game was called 'Sherrifs Castle' where one team has to attack against the team who control the fortress. The attacking team has to be quickly advancing towards the flag and be as fast as possible to pacak the bendera on top of the castle while the defending team ofcourse that they have to defend the castle  as well as move around and work with the team to avoid getting pinned down and, no matter what happens, always cover the flag! My team won the first round to defend the castle but closely won on the second round where my man almost pacak the bendera but then the time has ran out. :(( *but im proud of him nevertheless heehehe 

The third game before we went for a break was called the 'The Berlin Wall'. Sama macam the castle but then its a bridge instead. The mission is to unite the whole team to attack the wall and claim back the bridge by attacking it and catch the flag bringing it back to main tower. My team won both of the rounds. we managed to defend the bridge on the first round as well as attacking and catching the flag on the second round *hhorrrrrrrrraahh bangga kit sbb i ikut skali p ambik flag tau huhu im a herozz

We had our 30 minutes break for lunch after that. so laparr thank god for Dayah's nasi lemak, we survived the whole thing dgn jayanya dan perut bahagia hahaha.

We continue the game called 'London Apocalypse' where one team supposed to  be bodyguards for the Prime Minister *not Cameron okay everyone calm down, and to evacuate him to the safety. while the other team ofcourse, acts as assassins to kill the Prime Minister and further destabilise the country *this is so fun. Both teams was tied for both rounds. but it was fun especially when it came to the second round where my team has to be the one to assassinate the PM. hahah im not brave enough to go and assassinate the PM but i got BOMBEDD you know hahaha wth berdesing telinga konghajo sape yg bom tu hahahah *well atleast i mati dlm jihad :P

The next game was speedball where the only thing you have to do is just survive the whole game. Your objective is just to eliminate your opponents and at the end of the match, the team that has most people will get the score. We won one round and lose the other. *the most important thing is that i survived both of them yay me

The last and not least game was the most brutal.......................... i got hit like 10 times it felt like dying. The game is called 'Gold Rush'. obviously the attacking team has to steal some stash of money from the bank and bring it back to the mine for the people and the other team has to defend the bank from being attacked. I really dont know what happened but my team won both of the rounds and im not pretty sure why but the second round stopped so fast because the attacking team was kind of too savage........ i kena tembak bturut turut kot they have no compassion towards a soul like me :'(((((((( hahahaha so yeah, without i know the exact reason why, we won both rounds 10 10!

We won the whole thing yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy with the highest score :DDD

 My soldier :P

The whole squad hehehe

The whole thing ended 4pm after the closing ceremony. There was a bonus round but i didnt join because i was out of pallettes. Shortly after arrived home, i just got myself showered and rest for god sake my whole body aches now so bad i couldnt sleep. 
But now that i want to go sleep, ta ta now everyone :)

 oh ya, if u guys are interested to play paintball; check out Delta Force Paintball.
They have base camps thru out the UK wherever you are. *and also i curik some of the gambar to be posted here hehehe
Till then lovelies,
take care